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Super Mario Sunshine Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Super Mario Sunshine - Platform: Gamecube

Return to the Airport 
Once you've beaten the game (and saved your game), you 
will be able to go back to the Airport from the very 
beginning. It'll cost you, though. For the price of 10 
coins, a boat close to the clocktower where you find 
Yoshi will take you to the Airport level -- which is 
filled with coins and fun stuff to do. Give it a try! 

Sunglasses and Hawaiian Shirt
Want to see Mario in a different outfit than his trademark 
blue overalls and red shirt? How about putting on some shades 
and slipping into a shirt that would make even Tom Selleck 
jealous? The shades are easy to get. Look for a man with 
black sunglasses in the hub world (he's at the beach, close 
to the fruit stands) or in most of the other levels and talk 
to him. When certain conditions are met, he'll give you a 
pair of sunglasses to wear, which will darken your screen 
appropriately. Note, the sunglasses will disappear the moment 
you step into another level or restart the game. 

The same guy will also give you a Hawaiian shirt -- but you've 
got to do some work first: finish the game. If you've saved 
your game after you beat the last big boss, you'll be able 
to get your shirt anytime you talk to this guy.

how to walk under water:
Submitted by: shanav

Go behind the shinegate and there will be 2 ponds. Go to the bottom one. Face the 
metal bars and hold the control stick upwards while pressing b rappidly.
3 things could happen-1 you can walk under water in the pond.2 you will go right 
thru the pond and into the ocean around the island.3 will will go right thru the 
pond into a manhole. 2 is the best because you walk underwater in the huge ocean. 
P.s you will have infinite breath. p.s.s 3 happens a lot.

Walk under water:
Submitted by: Dasan

You must go into the lvl where the big pinapple was in the hole go on lvl 7 because 
its the best to look arournd the hole lvl.K now u go to the barrels on the outside of 
the big building.Now grab one and go over to the water with the barrell.Then drop the 
barrell right infront of the water right before u start to swim.Then when u let go of 
the barrell u go in front and start to swim.Then while ur swimming grab the barrell from 
the front and u will pick it up and can now walk under water. THE END

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