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Star Fox Assault Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Star Fox Assault - Platform: Gamecube

Survivor Mode:
To unlock Survivor mode beat Star Fox: Assault single player mode.

Rocket Launcher:
To unlock the rocket launcher in multiplayer play 5 multiplayer matches.

Xevious Bonus Game:
Get every silver medal in story mode to unlock Xevious in Star Fox: Assault.

Demon Snipers vs Mode:
Collect all 50 flags in 1 player mode.

Unlockable List:
Play a certain number of multiplayer matches to unlock these items:
 5 matches: Missile Launcher
10 matches: Missile Launcher only mode
15 matches: Peppy Hare as Playable
20 matches: Gattling Guns
30 matches: Crown Capture Mode
40 matches: Titania Desert Stage
50 matches: Sure-Shot Scuffle mode
60 matches: Simple Map 4
75 matches: Fire burst Pods
90 matches: Booster Packs
110 matches: Booster Packs Brawl mode
130 matches: Zones Sea Base stage
150 matches: Wolfen
170 matches: Predator Rockets
200 matches: Cluster Bombs
230 matches: Booster Pack and Launcher Tilt Mode
260 matches: Stage: Simple Map 5

101: Multiplayer Respawn Equipment:
Various characters respawn with different power-ups in multiplayer. 
Krystal gets two layers of shields after re-entering the match. 
Slippy respawns with a faster blaster charge (2x). Peppy respawns 
with a faster blaster charge (4x).

Multiplayer Stages:
Complete these levels once to unlock multiplayer stages:

Planet Sauria: Beat Sauria: Reunion
Fichina: Beat Fichina: Into the Storm
Outer Sargasso Hideout: Beat Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited
Katina Outpost: Beat Katina: Frontier Base Battle
Inner Sargasso Hideout: Beat Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited
Space Station: Beat Orbital Gate: Incoming
Corneria City: Beat Corneria: War Comes Home
Aparoid City: Beat Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses

Wolf O'Donnell for Multiplayer:
To unlock Wolf O'Donnell for multiplayer, collect every Friendship medal 
for a certain difficulty (Bronze is obviously the easiest). A friendship 
medal is not letting a team mate die. 

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