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SpiderMan Web Of Shadows Platform Playstation 3 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Spider-Man -  Web Of Shadows - Platform: Playstation 3

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game, and allow it to auto-save after the credits. 
Load the cleared saved game file repeatedly until the game begins again with all 
your previously purchased moves and collectibles. Note: Do not skip through the 
credits after loading your cleared saved game file.

View Spidey Token locations:
Reach Level 10 or collect 1,000 Spidey Tokens. All Spidey Tokens will appear as 
red dots on the mini-map.

Use both superhero and villain strikes:
As Spider-Man uses both his red and blue/black suits, his alignment meter will 
progress toward his good or bad side respectively. Take a look at the photo in 
the lower left-hand corner of the screen as well as the alignment meter in the 
pause menu. While the alignment picture is displaying the red and blue suit, 
only superheroes will aid him, and conversely while the black symbiote is 
displayed, only villains will help. As long as the picture is one color, it does 
not matter what suit you use until the meter color crosses the middle. If you 
maintain a very close middle ground, you can effectively utilize both the 
superheroes and villains (although not at the same time.) Strategize by getting 
both red and black points until your alignment meter is precisely in the middle. 
As you defeat an enemy using a certain suit, Spidey's picture will change in the 
lower left-hand corner of the screen. Even if you have a hero summoned, if you 
quickly switch to the black suit and defeat more of the enemies until the photo 
changes, that hero will still stay with you until you dismiss him or your 
special meter runs out. The same goes for villains and switching back to the red 
suit. The alignment affects whom you can summon, not who you have already called 
in. Use this strategy to defeat your enemies, get the most experience points, 
and unlock all the moves.

Wolverine's quiz answers:
When you first meet Wolverine, he will attack, and you must fight him. He will 
ask a series of questions that must be answered correctly. Use the following 
responses to pass the quiz:

  1. Richard and Mary 
  2. Ned Leeds 
  3. Battleworld 
  4. Daredevil 
  5. A Mutant 
  6. May Parker 

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