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SpiderMan Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Spider-Man - Platform: Gameboy Color

Status Password
Venom H4BBC 
Venom defeated GVCBF  
Lizard Man defeated HVHVC  
Venom and Lizard Man defeated QVCLF  
Hob Goblin BXLCC 
Connor's Lab G-FGN  
End S8KR6 or V8PS-  
Final Boss battle:
Enter 99999 as a password. 
All opponents are birds:
Enter B1RDY as a password.

Super password
Enter 18TR9 as a password to start at the last Boss 
battle with all items and power-ups.

Pitfall reference
Successfully complete the game and watch the credits sequence. 

In-game reset
Press A + B + Select + Start during game play.

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