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SimCity Creator Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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SimCity Creator - Platform: Wii

New Building Sets:
Name your city one of the following names in order to unlock the 
corresponding building set, which means the entire city will be 
built with the set. 

Egyptian Building Set - Name your city "Mummy's desert" 
Greek Building Set    - Name your city "Ancient culture"
Jungle Building Set   - Name your city "Become wild"
Sci-Fi Building Set   - Name your city "Future picture"

Earn money fast:
Submitted by: jay ray

Place alot of industrial zones and raise the tax of industrial to 10,11,or 12%.
You can also place alot of edvisers and they will help you with your tax and 
help you build zones that are needed.
When you start a new city put the city on CHEAT that will give you $1,000,000 
then build industrial zones. I really hope this helps you!!!

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