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Rocky Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Rocky - Platform: Gamecube
Unlock the Silver Class Tournament
Beat the Bronze Class Tournament to unlock Silver Class Tournament. 

Unlock the Gold Class Tournament
Beat the Silver Class Tournament to unlock Gold Class Tournament. 

Unlock the Rocky Statue
Beat Movie Mode on Contender difficulty to unlock the Rocky Statue. 

Unlock Mickey Goldmill
Beat Movie Mode on Champ difficulty to unlock the Mickey Goldmill.

Double punch damage
Hold R and press Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, L at the main menu. 

Double speed boxing
Hold R and press Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, L at the main menu. 

All default boxers and arenas
Hold R and press Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, L at the main menu. 
Note: This does not unlock Mickey or the Rocky Statue. 

All default boxers, arenas, and Rocky Statue
Hold R and press Right(3), Left, Right, L at the main menu. 

All default boxers, arenas, Rocky Statue, and Mickey
Hold R and press Up, Down(2), Left(2), L at the main menu. 

Full stats in tournament and exhibition modes
Hold R and press Left, Up(2), Down, Right, L at the main menu. 

Full stats in movie mode
Hold R and press Right, Down(2), Up, Left, L at the main menu. 

Silver class knockout tournament
Win the bronze class knockout tournament. 

Gold class knockout tournament
Win the silver class knockout tournament. 

Fight as Mickey Goldmill
Successfully complete movie mode under the Champ difficulty setting. 

Rocky Statue
Successfully complete movie mode under the Contender difficulty setting. 

Easy knock downs
In movie or any other mode, when the fighter approaches you at the start 
of the fight, hit him with your special power punch. When he comes to you 
again, hit him with another special power punch, then attack him with body 
shots. This will drop his strength and let you knock him down repeatedly, 
thus winning the fight.

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