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Rainbow Six Vegas Platform Playstation 3 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Rainbow Six Vegas - Platform: Playstation 3

Third person view:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press Square, 
Circle, Square, Circle, L3(2), Triangle, X, Triangle, X, R3(2). 

One hit kills:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press L3, R3, L3, 
R3, X, Circle, L3, R3, L3, R3, Square, Triangle. 

Big head mode:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press Circle, 
Square, X, Triangle, L3, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, R3. 

Super ragdoll effects:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press X(2), 
Circle(2), Square(2), Triangle(2), X, Circle, Square, Triangle. 

Laser bullets:
Host an online game. Press Start during game play, then hold L2 and 
press L3(2), X, R3(2), Circle, L3(2), Square, R3(2), Triangle. 
Bullets from Alpha team/Rainbow will be blue lasers, while those 
from Bravo Team/terrorists will be red lasers.

Play the Fremont Street level and look for a ledge that has a bottle
of Axe cologne. Shoot the bottle. The neon roof of the Fremont Street
Experience will change to an animation of a girl in a bikini with some
Axe items. This is followed by a sequence with outtakes and early 

Secret Lab:
When Jung must hack the computer to open the door to Irena, enemies rappel
down from the windows. Before you tell him to hack, send your team to the 
far side of the room over near the fenced area. Then, run behind the 
computer and tell Jung to hack it. A trigger will activate and the enemies
will start pouring into the room. Your team will take most of them out on 
the way to the computer. If someone on the team goes down, Jung will stop 
moving towards the computer and sit there (or Michael, depending on who 
goes down). Once there is a pause in the battle, tell him to heal your 
partner. You can then order them around as usual. During this time, Jung
was supposed to be hacking the terminal, but killing all the enemies skips
this part. Once done, tell Jung to hack it again. He will open the door to
Irena. Michael will get left behind. Watch yourself; there are enemies on 
the stairs above you and will pick you off as you come up, especially on 
on the Realistic difficulty setting. 

Shoot grenades:
To perform this trick, take cover against any wall. Make sure your weapon 
is on single shot, then fire one blind shot. Hold L2 + R2, then press and 
release Circle. A grenade should shoot about 20 to 30 feet around the 
Note: This works with all grenades except for C4 and breaching charges

Easy entry in Exclusive Gone Wrong:
When the mission begins, make your squad rappel down the left part of the 
building. Then, order them to go down until they are able to breach. Next,
go to the middle of the roof with the opening. Drop a C4, incendiary, smoke,
or frag grenade, and keep shooting through the glass. After a few seconds, 
order your squad to breach into the building. Finally, rappel down into 
the building.

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