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Pokemon Trading Card Game Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Pokemon Trading Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Color

In-game reset
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play to 
reset the game.

Get heads on coin
Press A when the Pikachu coin is spinning right on 
Pikachu's face. Note: This requires precise timing.

Get tails on coin
Press Up just before the opponent's coin is displayed 
when battling an opponent. If done correctly, it will 
land on tails most of the time.

Free booster pack
To get a free booster pack, go to your PC.

Start a duel with anyone. As soon as you receive your hand, 
pick the top card and select "Check". Turn off game off, then 
back on. Choose "Continue" from the diary. When you continue, 
you will be in front of the person you were dueling previously. 
They will say that they lost and will give you booster packs. 
Note: This works on all opponents, including the Grand Masters.

To get the easiest booster packs, fight the girl on the left where 
the leader is in the Water gym. She has two prizes and always 
brings out Staryu, Dratini, and Goldeen. Be sure to make a very 
good Lightning deck. She will only give you two Coliseum packs. 
Every booster contains a free Gyardos and Diglett; you will find a 
good selection.

Go to a club and talk to the master. Then, go to a computer to get 
an easy booster pack, even if you have already gotten that mail.

Four booster packs from battling
Go to Imanaku in the Fighting Club after talking to a girl at the 
Fire Club. Talk to her and she will tell you to look for Imanaku. 
Battle him. If you win, he will give you four booster packs.

Unlimited energy cards
In Dr. Masons Lab, both Sam and Aaron will give you a pack full of 
energy when you defeat them/ Sam only plays with two prizes, making 
him faster to defeat.

To get ten free energy cards, go to Sam at Dr. Mason's Laboratory. 
Challenge him to a normal duel. If you get the first move do the 
1. Place Goldeen on the arena
2. Place Staryu on the bench
3. Attach one water energy on Goldeen
4. Attack with Horn Attack
5. Attach a Psychic energy to Goldeen
6. Evolve it into a Seaking
7. Attack w/ Waterfall
8. Attack with Horn Attack
9. Attach Water energy on Staryu
10. Attack with Waterfall
11. Replace Seaking with Staryu
12. Attack with Slap
13. Use Potion on Staryu
14. Attach any energy on Staryu
15. Attack with Slap
16. Evolve it into Starmie
17. Attack with Starfreeze (2x) 

Organize your cards
Press Select to organize your cards.

Peek at deck:
Use a card that allows you to look in your deck. As soon as you are 
finished, turn off the game. Select "Continue Duel". You have just 
peeked at your deck without shuffling. 

Peek at prizes
To look at all of your prizes in your duel, defeat the defending 
Pokemon and look at one of your prizes. Then, either reset the game 
or shut it off. Select "Continue Duel" and defeat the same Pokemon 
again and look at other prizes. Repeat this until you see all of your 

Charizard card
Select the Charmander and Friends deck at the start of the game.

Easy medals
When you have a lot of cards and not a lot of medals, make a deck 
of Pokemon cards that is strong against the medal you want. 
For example, if you want the Fire Medal make a deck of Water Pokemon. 
Note: This trick does not work well for the Psychic Medal, because 
Psychic is weak against Psychic.

Easy win decks
There is no penalty for not having a basic Pokemon in your hand, so 
you should make the following deck:
Pokeball's, Computer Searches, or any other Trainers that may help
4 Exeggcute 
4 Exeggcutor 
As many Plant and Psychic energy as possible
Get an Exxegutor out and start placing energies. Use Exeggitor's Big 
Explosion attack, which does 20x the amount of heads, one per energy card. 
There is no limit to the damage, so 20 energy x 20 heads = 400 damage.
4 Hitmonlee
4 Hitmonchan
About 32 or more Fighting
4 Defenders
4 Pluspowers
2 Bills
2 Energy Searches
2 Hitmonlee
2 Hitmonchan
4 Cubone
4 Marowak
4 Machop
4 Machoke 
4 Machamp
4 Defender
4 Pluspower
28 Fighting energies
21 Fire Energy
3 Charmander LV.10
2 Charmeleon LV.32
1 Charizard LV.76
2 Vulpix LV.11
1 Ninetails LV.32
1 Ninetails LV.35
4 Growlithe LV.
3 Arcanine LV.
4 Ponyta LV.
3 Rapidash LV.
4 Magmar LV.
1 Moltres LV.
1 Moltres LV.
2 Professor Oak
2 Bill
1 Pokeball
1 Pokedex
3 Potion
This is the "Flames Of Death" deck
Defeat Courtney with the following deck.
25 Water Energy
3 Squitle
2 Wartotle
2 Blastoise
3 Seel
2 Dewgong 
3 Magikarp
2 Gyarados
4 Lapras

Defeat Steve easily with the following deck.
25 Fighting Energy
3 Diglet
2 Dugtrio
1 Hitmonlee
4 Hitmonchan
3 Aerodactyl
1 Kangaskhan
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dragonite (Legendary Edition)
4 Bill 
1 Pokemon Trader
3 Mysterious Fossil
1 Switch
4 Gust Of Wind
2 Potion

Defeat Jack easily with the following deck.
25 Lightning Energy
2 Pikachu (Jungle Edition)
1 Pikachu (Promotional Edition)
1 Raichu (Base Edition)
1 Raichu (Fossil Edition)
1 Magnemite
1 Magneton (Base Edition)
2 Voltorb
1 Electrode (Jungle Edition)
4 Electabuzz (Base Edition)
1 Jolteon 
1 Zapdos (Fossil Edition
2 Kangaskhan
1 Ditto (Promotional Edition)
2 Eevee
1 Snorlax
4 Bill
1 Energy Removal
1 Poke Ball
4 Defender
3 Gust Of Wind
Defeat Rod and Ronald easily with the following deck.
25 Grass Energy
3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venusaur
4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
3 Nidoran Male
2 Nidorino
1 Nidoking
2 Grimer
1 Muk
2 Scyther
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dragonite (Promotional Edition)
19 Pokemon
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
4 Growlith
3 Arcanine
3 Magmar (fossil)
17 Trainer
4 Bill
1 Professor Oak
2 Pokemon Breeder
4 Switch
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
23 Energy
20 Fire Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
4 Squirtle
3 Wartortle
2 Blastoise
4 Articuno
4 Psyduck
3 Golduck
3 Bill
4 Potion
2 Super Potion
1 Professor Oak
30 Water Energy

Booster packs
Professor Mason will give you a booster pack after every email that he you.

Talk to the Club Leaders but do not duel them. Check your email and you 
will get a letter with a booster pack. This works with everyone except 
the Electric Club leader.

Battle Imikuni? several times and you will get packs such as Evolution 
and Laboratory packs. He is easy to defeat because he uses cards such 
as Psyducks and the Special Imikuni? card that confuses his own Pokemon. 

Get different cards from Professor Mason: 
Save the game before reading the email from Professor Mason. Whenever 
you get a type of card you do not want, reload the game. The cards will 
be different when the game is resumed. 

Energy booster pack
After getting your own deck, go to Sam and offer to play a real duel. 
You will use the same practice deck and the flow of the game will be 
the same as during the tutorial. If you win, you will get booster pack 
full of energy.

Familiar faces
When you go to the Psychic Card Club there is a person in green. He is 
your character in the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokemon.

Gene the Rock Club Master looks very similar to Professor Oak when 
challenged to a match.

Walking faster
Hold B while walking to move faster.

Ishihara's disappearance
After you trade Ishihara all the cards she will disappear. Go to the 
Rock Club and a woman will tell you that Ishihara left. 

Faster card shuffling
Press B if you do not want to wait for the cards to be done shuffling.

Start challenge cup faster
Defeat a few people (works best with a few club leaders), then save the 
game by writing in your diary. Turn off the game. Repeat saving a few more 
times, then go to Challenge Hall. Note: This does not always work.

Check your prizes
When you defeat your opponent's Pokemon, you can draw a prize. Draw a prize 
then turn off your game. Turn it back on, then press Start at the title 
screen. Select "Continue Duel" and resume just before your opponent's 
Pokemon fainted. Faint it again and select a different prize. Repeat this 
step and you will see all your prizes.

Imanuki card
Go to each club lounge until you find Imakuni. Then battle him to get four 
booster packs for each victory. However, he may instead give you his Imakuni 
card. Repeat this until you have most of the cards needed to build a healthy 

Always fight Imanuki
Go to one of the Card Clubs (Lightning, Fire, Water or Fighting clubs) and 
save your game in the middle of the medal picture. Turn off your Game Boy 
Color, then turn it back on and choose to continue your saved game. Go to 
either one of the clubs and when you hear the strange music, fight him. 
When you defeat him, save your game and turn it off again. Note: Every time 
you save your game and turn it off, the next time you turn it back on Imakuni 
will be in any of those four clubs. Note: You have to talk to the girl in the 
Fighting club in order for him to appear.

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