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Pokemon Battle Revolution Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Pokemon Battle Revolution - Platform: Wii

Once you have defeated the Poketopia Master (Colloseum Leader of the 
Stargazer Colloseum), you will unlock a secret gift under the "Mystery 
Gifts" part of the shop. You can download this to Pokemon Diamond or 
Pearl. It is free and the gift is a level 10 Pikachu that knows Volt 
Tackle, Surf, Tail Whip, and Thunder Wave.

Pokemon XD reference: 
At Sunset Colosseum, before a battle take a look around. Its a replica 
of the Orre Colosseum from Pokemon XD.

Reverse phycology:
As in really cool cheat.We all know pkmn ruby sapphire and emerald well on pkmn 
bttle rev you can take all your strongest pkmn off of their I would say the best 
is the most likley to take like my 100 Swampert rayquaza typhlosion and theirs 
anothe cheat take pkmn or colloseum or xd Gale of darkness like I did put them 
on Ruby S or E then put them on pkmn Bttle Revo . thanx 4 reading. big shout 2 
all you poke'fans. 

New gear:
The further you get in the game and the more points you earn the more new 
clothes you can unlock hats wigs faces clothes etc etc 

Cyber Pants:
Win the Crystal Colosseum. Then they will be in the shop for 600pc. Any type of 
person can wear this. 

A Blast From the Past!:
After you complete every coloseum you get the little yellow cute thing with a 
surfboard. You guest it right! You get a surfing Pikachu! You can transfer this 
pokemon straight to your DS game! It's at Lv. 40 w/ a random gender. I call it a 
blast from the past becouse you can get a surfing pikachu in Pokemon Stadium for 
N64. Made from "way back when".

Special clothes:
To get special cloths you first need to bet the stargazer gym once. then go to 
the waterfall, main street, neon, magma, crystal or sunset gym. then go to rules 
and salect lv.50 all. then if you beat than gym you will get a special coustume.

Waterfall gym   - kyogr cloths for young girl
Main street gym - patchiruci cloths for little girl
Neon gym        - rosarade cloths for cool girl
Magma gym       - groudon cloths for young boy
Crystal gym     - electrovire cloths for tough guy
Sunset gym      - lucario cloths for cool boy

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