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Patapon Platform Sony PSP Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Patapon - Platform: Sony PSP

Attacking the fortress:
On the level where you have to kill the first fortress, (trust me you'll know it, 
it has traps on it and things that kill you when you get to close) you are suppossed 
to lose. You'll be told of a catapult the enemies have. go to that level, and obtain 
it, (when you get close enough to the catapult it will go to your side)(also the 
catapult is rather small) Use the Rain Juju repeatedly on this level, because there 
a set places where lightning strikes. Using Rain Juju stops the lightning for awhile. 
Also if the catapult starts smoking, don't let it take much more damage or it will 
fall, and you will lose.

Rain Juju & crossing the desert:
Once the preistess talks about a guy who crossed the desert using rain, you need 
to go to the first level available. It WILL be a hunting mission. Its the same 
place that you went hunting the first time you ever hunted. Xlose to the beginning 
where you start, theres a sign post with Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle. Don't 
let and patapos pass that sign. Play that beat multiple times, each time you do, 
the sign will rise. Once its high enough, it will drop a "Bent Compass" Finish the 
level. Go back and look at your lvl list. there should be a new place now, a boss 
level I think. Beat him, and get the Rain Juju. You have to find the chaka drum 
first, but i forgot where from. ALSO NOTE that once you can see the Rain Juju, you 
can use it on as many missions as you like, and as many times in one mission. 
You will have to use rain juju a few times to get past the red hot part of the desert. 
I replayed it after every rock barricade I broke and lost no soldiers on the map.

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