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Paper Mario The ThousandYear Door Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door - Platform: Gamecube

Easy Star points:
When you get into the Glitz Pit, fight until you are near rank 7 or 8. You 
should now be fighting 'the fuzz'. Kill the black Fuzzie that has 3 HP 
then kill the Flower Fuzzy (pinky). Next, keep the green one near 1 HP 
remaining. He will split in two. Kill one of them (always leave one alive). 
It also helps when you have Koops out for a partner. Just leave Mario in 
front and Koops in back and use his Shell Shield (new attack when you upgrade 
him). Every time that it breaks, put a new one on. It helps to have some 
Happy Heart or Happy Flower badges equipped. Keep doing this and you can 
get 50 Star points in about five minutes.

Luigi clothes:
To get Luigi's clothes, go to where you get the sixth crystal star. 
here, do a spring jump up to a pole on the left side. Do another spring 
jump to reach a ledge with the Luigi Emblem.

Wario clothes:
To get Wario's clothes for Mario, go to the central area of Rougeport 
with 360 Coins. There should be a merchant with a large mustache. He 
sells something called a Wario Emblem from time to time. It is a badge 
that requires no badge points to wear.

Waluigi clothes:
Equip both the Luigi Emblem and the Wario Emblem at the same time. Your 
clothes will be exactly like Waluigi's.

Ms. Mowz:
In story mode, you will get six characters (Goombella, Koops, Madame 
Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, and Admiral Bobbery). However after Chapter 4, 
go to the Trouble Center and take the chore of the mystery person. You 
will figure out that it is the mouse thief and when the mission is over 
you get the partner Ms. Mowz.

Defeating Hooktail:
Before fighting Hooktail, get the Sound Changing Badge in the jail cell. 
The sound is a cricket noise, and is Hooktail's weakness.

Defeating the Shadow Queen:
Make sure that you have 60 HP, 60 FP, and 30 BP. When you fight her just 
as Peach use Vivian as your partner. Then. use the spinning jump and Vivian's 
Shade Fist until the Shadow Qween turns into her other form. Then switch to 
Koops. Use his power shell to attack the hands and the body. Then, use the 
Power Smash badge. Also, when she adds 7 more to her next attack, use either 
Koops' Shell Shield or Vivians Veil. Make sure both Koops' and Vivian's level 
is at the highest. Repeat this and you should be able to win. Do not forget to 
heal and make sure you have a lot of Life Shrooms.

Super Mario World music:
When you get an important e-mail (ie; the e-mails from Princess Peach), 
wait a couple of seconds and you will hear music from Super Mario World.

Easy Money:
Once you've gotten to PetalBurg in the First Chapter you can use a trick 
to make easy money. First go to RougePort and buy as many sleepy sheep as 
you can carry, making sure to fill up your storage box aswell. When your 
pockets and storage box is full, head over to PetalBurg. Once at Petalburg, 
go into the Item Shop to sell your sleepy sheep for a 2 coin profit per 
sheep. Make sure you remember to withdraw and sell all the sleepy sheep 
you stored. To increase productivity, on the way back to rougueport, stock 
up on turtley leaves, again filling up the storage box, and sell them at 
the item shop where you picked up the sleepy sheep to gain 2 coins per leaf. 
After getting Taste T. you can cook the leaves into koopa tea for an extra 
1 coin per leaf.

Turn into NES Mario:
Just like in the first Paper Mario, there is an easter egg to revert Mario 
from paper to 8-bit sprite. Only this time it works on your partners too! 
In the X-Naut Base in Chapter Seven. Find the room with the swinging grate 
on Sublevel 2. Stand under it and use your Ultra Jump to jump up into the 
air vent. Press R and slide through the grate on the far right. You'll 
land in the changing room where Peach disguised herself, inside one of the 
stalls. When you pull back the curtain, you and your partner will be a sprite. 
This change does not affect game play and will wear off when you leave the room.

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