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PacMan World 2 Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Pac-Man World 2 - Platform: Gamecube

Pac-Man mini-game
Collect 10 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Man
arcade game.

Pac-Attack mini-game
Collect 30 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-
Attack arcade game.

Pac-Mania mini-game
Collect 100 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-
Mania arcade game.

Ms. Pac-Man mini-game
Collect 180 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Ms. Pac-
Man arcade game.

Music test
Collect 60 tokens during game play to unlock the "Jukebox" option.

Pre-production art and programmers
Collect 150 tokens during game play to unlock the "Museum" option.

Do not lose wedge
If you do a butt-bounce when you are falling from a high place,
you will not lose a wedge. Note: Make sure that you do not fall
off a cliff or platform.

Defeating Blinky's Frog
Butt-bounce three times on the frog's tongue when it is wooden.
When frog's tongue turns to steel, jump on top of tongue and rev-
roll into the frog's mouth three times to kill it.

Defeating Inky's Blade-O-Matic
At first, he will throw spikes out of his mouth at you. Try to
dodge the first one, then Rev-Roll into his mouth to damage the
machine. Do all of this for a second time and he will say
something. Next, when he is passing by, Rev-Roll on one of the red
things on the side of the machine. Do this one more time. Then, he
will say something else. Immediately after he throws the first
spike, Rev-Roll into his mouth. Do this once more to defeat him
and get a "Golden Strawberry".

Defeating Spooky
You must defeat Spooky to complete the game. First, complete each
level then return to Pac-Village. Go backwards past Pac-Village.
There will be blackish-purple smoke. Press A while in the smoke.
You will fight Spooky. He will send Meteor Showers and Fireballs.
Flip- Kick to hurt him. Note: Every three hits is like a

Blade Mountain level: Jump farther
To jump farther on the ramps, hold B while approaching the ramp.
Then, hold A while on the ramp to jump farther.

Blade Mountain: Lives and tokens
There are a total of 11 extra lives and 8 tokens in the level. The
lives are usually located in the flying boxes above the ramps. Do
a Flip-Kick (press B in the air) to reach them. Some contain
tokens and others have lives.

Blade Mountain: Galaxian
Find one of every fruit. If you do, one activates the treasure
chest at the right at the end of the level. Inside is a Galaxian.

Ice River Run level: Shortcut
Finding this shortcut is extremely easy. It is located where the
first drop-off is found. The drop-off is at the point where there
are a lot of strawberries and you have to drop down to get them.
Then, go right.

Volcano level: Dig Dug characters
Just when you get across the first gap in the level, there will be
a group of Dig Dug characters appearing from a hole.

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