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NHLPA Hockey 93 Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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NHLPA Hockey '93 - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
2 ZJNA-DTC2 Period clock runs faster
3 ZJNA-CJC2 Period clock runs slower
4 ZJNA-DTL2 Period clock runs much faster
5 ZJNA-CCC2 Period clock runs much slower
6 AANA-CAC2 Period clock is frozen (no time limit)


7 HVWT-AAD0 Each period lasts 1 minute instead of 10
8 SBWT-AAD0 Each period lasts 2 minutes
9 0VWT-AAD0 Each period lasts 3 minutes
10 8BWT-AAD0 Each period lasts 4 minutes
11 TVWT-AGD0 Each period lasts 15 minutes
12 BBWT-ARD0 Each period lasts 30 minutes
13 NBWT-AWD0 Each period lasts 40 minutes
14 CBWT-A6D0 Each period lasts 60 minutes
15 AHXT-BJ5J All penalties last 1 minute
16 AMXT-BJ5J All penalties last 2 minutes
17 ASXT-BJ5J All penalties last 3 minutes
18 AXXT-BJ5J All penalties last 4 minutes
19 A1XT-BJ5J All penalties last 5 minutes
20 A9XT-BJ5J All penalties last 7 minutes
21 BHXT-BJ5J All penalties last 9 minutes
22 AWEA-AA7Y Infinite timeouts instead of 1
23 AKYT-AA3Y No timeouts

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