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NCAA March Madness 2005 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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NCAA March Madness 2005 - Platform: XBox

Original Nike Air Jordan's:
Enter HDI3459B at the EA Sports Lounge to unlock the Original Nike Air Jordan's.

Toughest teams:
The following are the toughest places to play.

 1. Duke Blue Devils
 2. Kansas Jayhawks
 3. Kentucky Wildcats
 4. Michigan State Spartans
 5. Gonzaga Bulldogs
 6. Oregon Ducks
 7. North Carolina Tar Heels
 8. Florida Gators
 9. Minnesota Golden Gophers
10. Saint Joseph's Hawks
11. New Mexico Lobos
12. Texas Longhorns
13. Oklahoma Sooners
14. Maryland Terrapins
15. Connecticut Huskies
16. Xavier Musketeers
17. Utah Utes
18. Arizona Wildcats
19. Louisville Cardinals
20. Oklahoma State Cowboys
21. Stanford Cardinal
22. Indiana Hoosiers
23. Cincinnati Bearcats
24. Syracuse Orange
25. Missouri Tigers 

Easy 3 points:
To get an easy 3 points, give the ball to your best free throw shooter. 
Have him stand close to the 3-point line before he takes a dribble and 
have him do a pump fake. Your defender may go into the air. If he does, 
lean into him and you may draw a foul. If he does not, pass the ball to 
somebody, then get the ball passed back to your free throw shooter. 
Repeat this until your man goes into the air. Note: If he goes into the air, 
the referee will not always call a foul, even if your man is hit.

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