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NBA Jam Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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NBA Jam - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

All power-ups:
Enter the following initials and pressing the indicated buttons
to enter that initial: S (C + Start), N (B
+ Start), and K (C + Start). Then, press
C + Start at the tip off announcement.

Power-up defense:
Press A(4), then press and hold A again at the "Tonight's matchup" screen 
until the tip off.

Power-up dunks:
Sweep the D-pad in a Full-Circle while pressing
B(13) at the "Tonight's matchup" screen.

Power-up fire:
Press A(7) then hold B + C + Up
at the "Tonight's matchup" screen until the tip off.

Power-up interceptions:
Sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle while
pressing A(15) at the "Tonight's matchup" screen.
Hold the last button press until the tip off.

Power-up turbo:
Press A(13) then hold A + B + C
at the "Tonight's matchup" screen until the tip off.

Multiple power ups:
Press B(7) then hold B + C + Up
at the "Tonight's matchup" screen until the tip off.
The fire, goal tending, and turbo power-ups will be enabled.

Display shot percentage:
Press A then hold A + B + Down
at the "Tonight's matchup" screen until the tip off.

Juice mode:
Press A(13), then hold B + C at the "Tonight's
matchup" screen until the tip off. The entire game will be faster.

Hidden players:
Enter one of the following initials and hold Start
while the third initial is highlighted. While holding Start,
press the indicated button. The corresponding player will appear
on the team selection screen on any team selected.

Player     Initials    Button 
Air Dog         AIR    A  
Al Gore         NET    B  
Bill Clinton    ARK    A 
Chow-Chow       CAR    C 
Sal DiVita      SAL    C 
Jamie Rivett    RJR    B 
Kabuki          QB_    A  
Mark Turmell    MJT    A 
P-Funk          DIS    C  
Scruff          ROD    B  
Warren Moon     UW_    A 
Weasel          SAX    C

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