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Nascar Thunder 2002 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Nascar Thunder 2002 - Platform: XBox
Bonus cars
To unlock a bonus car, enter one of these names when you 
create a driver: 

Audrey Clark
Benny Parsons
Buster Auton
Cheryl King
Mandy Misiak
Michelle Emser
Rick Edwards
Tom Renedo
Chuck Spicer
Crissy Hillsworth
Jim Hannigan
Joey Joulwan
Josh Neelon
Katrina Goode
Daryl Wolfe
Rick Humphrey
Sasha Soares
Scott Brewer
Dave Alpern
Dave Nichols
Diane Grubb
Dick Paysor
Ken Patterson
Kristi Jones
Traci Hultzapple
Troi Hayes 

Unlock fantasy driver Kitt Paint
At the create a car screen type in the name Kitt Paint as 
your driver name and you will unlock the fantasy driver 
Kitt Paint, his car is the primor car at the create a car 

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