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Mortal Kombat 4 Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Mortal Kombat 4 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Bonus credits
Press Up at the difficulty selection screen to 
obtain up to five credits. 

Kombat Kodes
Enter one of the following codes before a match begins.

Character  Number 
Dragon         0 
MK Logo        1 
Ying-Yang      2 
Four           3 
Question Mark  4 
Lightning Bolt 5 
Goro           6 
Raiden         7 
Shao Kahn      8 
Skull          9 

Effect Kombat Kode 
Fight as Reptile 192-234 
Fight against Reptile 205-205 
Disable throws 100-100 
Swicharoo 460-460 
Dark Kombat 688-422 
Psycho Kombat 985-125 
No blocking 020-020 
Programmer's message 987-666 
Programmer's message 123-926 
CPU 25% life 000-707 
CPU 50% life 000-033 
Player 1 25% life 707-000 
Player 1 50% life 033-000 
One-hit win  123-123 
Noob Saibot mode 012-012 
Explosive Kombat  050-050 
Weapons never dropped 002-002 
Disable max damage 010-010 
No throw, disable max damage  110-110 
Random weapon appears 111-111 
Start with random weapon  222-222 
Randper Kombat  333-333 
Start with weapons drawn  444-444 
Many weapons  555-555 
Silent Kombat  666-666 
Big heads  321-321 

Hint: Reptile's Fatality
Hold A + B and press Up when the "Finish Him" message appears.
Information in this section was contributed by Joe Endy. 

Hint: Reptile's moves 
Acid Spit: Down, Forward, B
Running Charge: Back, Forward, B

Hint: Scorpion's auto-fatality
Begin game play as Scorpion and win the second round using only 
the spear. Finish your opponent with a throw, and keep B held. 
The message "Scorpion Wins" will appear. 
Keep B held for Scorpion's fatality.

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