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Mortal Combat Deadly Aliance Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Mortal Combat Deadly Aliance - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: Adam

Go to arcade and choose Mavado then beat five Men or 
women then go to the arcade again  and you will have 
three new men.

Submitted by: Test3242002

AA Quan Chi 1556 Gold Koins 
AB Kung Lao Sketch 186 Gold Koins 
AC Li Mei 424 Platinum Koins 
AD Moloch Sketches 96 Sapphire Koins 
AE MK2 Cabinet Security Panels 118 Onyx Koins 
AF RO: Rip Off!!! 313 Platinum Koins 
AG Deadly Alliance is Born 258 Sapphire Koins 
AH Shang Tsung Sketch 66 Gold Koins 
AI Quan Chi's Tattoos 277 Onyx Koins 
AJ 38 Gold Koins 26 Jade Koins 
AK Moloch Promo Render 432 Gold Koins 
AL Shang Tsung's Palace 287 Ruby Koins 
AM Mavado Coat Concepts 192 Platinum Koins 
AN PD: Pay Day!!! 52 Gold Koins 
AO 57 Sapphire Koins 105 Onyx Koins 
AP Quan Chi's Throne 154 Onyx Koins 
AQ Scorpion Concept Sketch 226 Ruby Koins 
AR Alternate Outfit: Nitara 2206 Jade Koins 
AS Palace Exterior Sketch 66 Jade Koins 
AT Swamplands Sketch 269 Ruby Koins 
AU Shang Tsung 463 Gold Koins 
AV Senate of the Elder Gods Test 497 Ruby Koins 
AW 88 Ruby Koins 76 Gold Koins 
AX Quan Chi's Inner Sanctum 337 Gold Koins 
AY Concept Characters 258 Platinum Koins 
AZ Test Your Sight Concept 442 Ruby Koins 
BA Lin Kuei Temple Concept 264 Onyx Koins 
BB Sub-Zero's Medallion 326 Ruby Koins 
BC Giant Drummer Detail 452 Gold Koins 
BD Alternate Outfit: Kano 1520 Sapphire Koins 
BE Swamplands Sketch 67 Gold Koins 
BF 120 Jade Koins 263 Platinum Koins 
BG Baphomet Sketch 217 Sapphire Koins 
BH Ultimate MK3 Arcade Marquee 116 Jade Koins 
BI Sonya Concept Sletch 167 Jade Koins 
BJ Ghost Ship 178 Platinum Koins 
BK Drum Arena Details 136 Sapphire Koins 
BL Portal Sphere 145 Jade Koins 
BM Character Concepts 207 Onyx Koins 
BN The Grid: Guest Stars 720 Onyx Koins 
BO The Grid: Noob Saibot 305 Platinum Koins 
BP The Grid: MK Ninjas 426 Gold Koins 
BQ Alternate Outfit: Kitana 1327 Gold Koins 
BR Hint: FK: Fly Killer 451 Onyx Koins 
BS Mavado Sketches 253 Sapphire Koins 
BT Blood Energy Drink 291 Sapphire Koins 
BU Reptile Skin Lotion 336 Platinum Koins 
BV Backstage: MK4 Commercial 371 Sapphire Koins 
BW Backstage: MK4 Commercial 329 Onyx Koins 
BX Backstage: MK4 Commercial 212 Platinum Koins 
BY MK Gold Logo 183 Gold Koins 
BZ MK4: Sonya and Tanya 381 Platinum Koins 
CA Shang Tsung's Palace Sketch 218 Onyx Koins 
CB Octo Garden Sketch 252 Sapphire Koins 
CC Book of Destiny 376 Jade Koins 
CD Shang Tsungs Soul Concept 261 Jade Koins 
CE Great Dragon Egg 174 Jade Koins 
CF Female Character Concepts 268 Onyx Koins 
CG Hint: JT: Johnny's Tapes 75 Sapphire Koins 
CH 92 Sapphire Koins 48 Jade Koins 
CI Test Your Sight Concept 271 Jade Koins 
CJ Quan Chi Sketches 272 Ruby Koins 
CK Wu Shi Academy 556 Jade Koins 
CL 492 Onyx Koins 332 Gold Koins 
CM House of Pekara Concept 244 Gold Koins 
CN Secret Character: Cyrax 3003 Platinum Koins 
CO Kano's Cereal 192 Ruby Koins 
CP Carlos Pesina 172 Ruby Koins 
CQ Senate of Elder Gods Concept 272 Gold Koins 
CR Raiden Sketch 294 Platinum Koins 
CS 143 Ruby Koins 89 Sapphire Koins 
CT Dragonfly Story 588 Ruby Koins 
CU Swamplands Sketch 257 Sapphire Koins 
CV 71 Jade Koins 121 Sapphire Koins 
CW Academy Promo Render 226 Ruby Koins 
CX Scorpion Goes Back to Hell 203 Gold Koins 
CY Soul Cage Concept 116 Ruby Koins 
CZ Hsu Hao Concepts 362 Onyx Koins 
DA 18 Sapphire Koins 72 Ruby Koins 
DB Soul Chamber Concept 257 Sapphire Koins 
DC MK3: Kung Lao vs Jax 838 Onyx Koins 
DD Lifeguard Sonya 355 Gold Koins 
DE Character Concepts 126 Gold Koins 
DF Dan 'Toasty' Forden 286 Platinum Koins 
DG Sonya Blade 57 Jade Koins 
DH Shokan Warriors 199 Gold Koins 
DI Quan Chi on the Sax 254 Sapphire Koins 
DJ 98 Ruby Koins 186 Platinum Koins 
DK Alternate Outfit: Johhny Cage 1460 Ruby Koins 
DL Scorpion Cloth Test 230 Platinum Koins 
DM Acid Bath 428 Onyx Koins 
DN 18 Jade Koins 234 Sapphire Koins 
DO 221 Onyx Koins 39 Gold Koins 
DP Mortal Kombat 2 Print Ad 224 Jade Koins 
DQ Hint: SF: Smelly Feet 656 Platinum Koins 
DR Mavado Sketches 273 Sapphire Koins 
DS Secret Arena: Nethership 1472 Ruby Koins 
DT Li Mei Sketch 332 Ruby Koins 
DU MK3 Behind the Scenes 368 Onyx Koins 
DV Empty 257 Ruby Koins 
DW Cave Arena Concept 157 Ruby Koins 
DX 579 Ruby Koins 292 Jade Koins 
DY Hint: SS: Sword Sale 94 Gold Koins 
DZ Empty 258 Onyx Koins 
EA The Lost Tomb 258 Sapphire Koins 
EB Ed Boon 237 Ruby Koins 
EC Swamplands Sketch 248 Sapphire Koins 
ED 949 Platinum Koins 633 Platinum Koins 
EE Mythologies Home Verion 1200 Platinum Koins 
EF Quality Assurance: Chicago 267 Gold Koins 
EG MK3 Arcade Marquee 74 Platinum Koins 
EH Reptile Sketch 253 Onyx Koins 
EI Action Figures 512 Sapphire Koins 
EJ Action Figures 547 Jade Koins 
EK Action Figures 424 Ruby Koins 
EL Action Figures 434 Platinum Koins 
EM Action Figures 405 Gold Koins 
EN Action Figures 246 Onyx Koins 
EO Action Figures 289 Sapphire Koins 
EP Action Figures 166 Jade Koins 
EQ Action Figure Vehicles 256 Sapphire Koins 
ER Bo' Rai Cho 527 Platinum Koins 
ES Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Print Ad 167 Platinum Koins 
ET Quan Chi's Face Texture 86 Onyx Koins 
EU Dairou Drawings 262 Ruby Koins 
EV Drum Arena 356 Ruby Koins 
EW Quan Chi's Chest Armor 286 Platinum Koins 
EX Hint: ST: Sarna Test 243 Onyx Koins 
EY Cyrax Sketch 254 Platinum 
EZ Blood Stone Mine Concept 412 Platinum 
FA Cyrax Test Render 263 Gold Koins 
FB A Long Time Ago (Smash TV) 248 Ruby Koins 
FC A Softer Side to Cyrax 310 Sapphire Koins 
FD Portal Story 156 Onyx Koins 
FE Li Mei Sketch 242 Gold Koins 
FF MK1: Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion 1199 Gold Koins 
FG Dragonfly Concept Render 291 Gold Koins 
FH House of Pekara Concept 215 Ruby Koins 
FI Deadly Alliance Koins 262 Platinum Koins 
FJ MK3 Arcade Cabinet 179 Ruby Koins 
FK Bug Blaster 520 Platinum 
FL Early MKDA Promo 264 Sapphire Koins 
FM Palace Exterior Sketch 76 Sapphire Koins 
FN 1800 Jade Koins 93 Jade Koins 
FO MK2 Characters 76 Ruby Koins 
FP Palace Exterior Sketch 46 Gold Koins 
FQ MK T-shirts 283 Platinum 
FR MK Youth Clothing 401 Gold Koins 
FS MK Sweatshirts 389 Onyx Koins 
FT MK T-shirts 126 Sapphire Koins 
FU Empty 20 Onyx Koins 
FV 243 Platinum Koins 83 Platinum Koins 
FW Hint: Unleash Hell (UH) 666 Ruby Koins 
FX Comic Book Art: 1 of 41 492 Sapphire Koins 
FY Comic Book Art: 2 of 41 27 Ruby Koins 
FZ Comic Book Art: 3 of 41 136 Onyx Koins 
GA Comic Book Art: 4 of 41 572 Gold Koins 
GB Comic Book Art: 5 of 41 458 Jade Koins 
GC Comic Book Art: 6 of 41 412 Gold Koins 
GD Comic Book Art: 7 of 41 74 Sapphire Koins 
GE Comic Book Art: 8 of 41 277 Ruby Koins 
GF Comic Book Art: 9 of 41 124 Platinum Koins 
GG Comic Book Art: 10 of 41 63 Jade Koins 
GH Comic Book Art

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