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Monster Rancher 3 Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Monster Rancher 3 - Platform: Playstation 2

Skip animations:
After selecting the type of training (for example, trampoline in Morx
Forest), rapidly press X to skip the animations for the drill. . 
It does nothing to the success or failure
of the monster.

Zan secret monster:
First, you will need a relatively very strong monster -- power, health, and
defense vs. magic and physical attacks helps. Train your monster in the Snowy 
Mountain training area for an extended period of time. After awhile, rivals 
will begin to say that there has been an odd monster attacking them. Continue  
to play and you will fight various monster types and eventually figure out 
gatoman is attacking. Once this is learned, she will attack once again
with various monsters (over an extended period of time). Win these battles,
and every time she will say she has to modify her monster. During the final 
time she will say that a man is making accessories for her. Continue to train 
and this man will show up, looking much like a scientist -- until his face gets  
weird and he appears to be psychotic. He will attack you with a black monster 
that has scythe-like appendages out of its back and two black and red 
accessories. After you defeat him, you will talk to him and he will give you 
the accessories after the monster dies. At the end of it all, the scientist 
will give you a black disk that is imprinted in the center. Bring this to the 
shrine and the man who revives the monsters will examine the disk and conduct 
studies. After this point you will be able to revive the new monster type Zan 
from your disks. He is usually on the disks that say "This is too dangerous" or
"I don't know what this is". On a final note, you can get a secret Zan from the 
Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore and Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins discs 
called Izuna.

Defeating Joker:
When Kai challenges you to the battle where you fight the Joker, have a
monster with the Fast Footwork ability (such as a Hare or someone who just  
happens to have it). If you manage to get a few hits off and remain unscratched, 
it still counts as winning. You can now train Jokers. Save the game before you 
attempt this, so if you lose the fight your monster will not be cut down to only 
half life and you can repeat as long as desired.

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