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Metropolis Street Racer Platform Dreamcast Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Metropolis Street Racer - Platform: Dreamcast

Easy Kudos
Enter a "Hot Lap" trial in any chapter, a trial in which 
you only need to beat a lap time, not one of the average 
times. Start the race, then on the first  lap, get the 
time needed. You now have passed the stage, but do not end 
the second lap. Find a good, straight portion of road. You 
get Kudos for turning with the handbrake. Go to one side of
the road as fast as you can. As you are approaching, do a 
180degree turn using the handbrake. If done correctly, the
words "Wey Hey" should appear on the screen. Next, drive the 
way you are facing to the other side and do the same. When 
moving the wrong way, you need to spin 180degree in order to 
get the Kudos. Just keep repeating this, then finish the race. 
For every five minutes that you do this, you will get 
approximately 1000 Kudos. There is no time limit. The best 
city for doing this trick is San Francisco, as it has wide 
roads. Play jokers to get more pointsif you do this for 20 
minutes with a joker, you can get more than 8000 Kudos in 
just one race. 
Game Shark Codez
Infinite Jokers
Chimaera in Slot 1

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