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Metal Slug 5 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Metal Slug 5 - Platform: XBox

Alternate ending sequence:
Once you defeat the final Boss, you will go to another room where you must run 
from explosions. Instead of getting away, let yourself get killed by the 
explosions and the ending sequence will be different.

Art gallery:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the art for that character in the 

Stuck in zombie level:
When you are in the level with the zombies, and you turn into a zombie, you will 
be stuck if you do not have grenades. There is a green box for equipment which 
gets in your way. You cannot destroy it with crouching because zombies cannot 
crouch. You must wait the delayed 60 seconds until time runs out, then your 
player just dies. He respawns as a human and you can now continue the level, but 
with one less life.

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