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Mega Man Battle Network 2 Platform Gameboy Advance Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Mega Man Battle Network 2 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by: amore S.

Here are the passwords for the mothercomputer

1. PC


WIG (links unten)
GEM (rechts unten)
MASK (links oben)
KNIFE (rechts oben)
Secret Boss Navis 
After you beat Gospel, secret Navis are fightable to you, if you meet the requirements. 
Unlockable  How to Unlock  
Bass SP  Have all 250 chips in Chip Library except for LifeAura 3, Bass V2 & Bass V3.  
Bass(WWW Area 1)  Beat Pharoahman, NapalmMan and PlanetMan.  
PlanetMan(WWW Area 3)  Have at least 200/250 Chip Library.  
PharoahMan(WWW Area 1)  Beat Gospel.  
NapalmMan(WWW Area 2)  Have all V3 Navi Chips except for Bass and PharoahMan.  

5 Stars 
You can get up to 5 stars, which will help allow you to unlock Hard Mode. 
Unlockable  How to Unlock  
Yellow Star  Complete Story Mode by beating Gospel in Apartment Tower  
Green Star  Beat the original Pharoah Man, Napalm Man, Planet Man and the real Bass 
in the WWW area  
Red Star  Get 250 chips in your library database  
Purple Star  Get the other 10 secret chips in your library database (Chips 251-260)  
Blue Star  Complete 31 Program Advances  

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Easter EggsGamecube Logo 
At the end of ShadowMan's level (the Mother Computer), on the right there is the 
Gamecube Logo. 
Mega Man Battle Network 2 SecretsUnlock Hubstyle 
To unlock this special style, you must defeat all V3 navis (excluding Bass) with 
an S-rank. Then, the next time a style change occurs, you will get Hubstyle.
Hubstyle is a unique style that is non-elemental, and combines the benefits of 
every other style in the game. It will halve your max HP though.
This style will only show up once per game, so if you skip or erase it, it will 
be gone for good.
To confirm this unlockable, talk to the girl in ACDC Town behind the trees near 
the park. She will tell you which V3 navis you have defeated with an S-rank, and 
say that she sees all the available "ghosts" if you have defeated them all. 
Mega Man Battle Network 2 GlitchesZero HP 
Put a ZeusHammer into your folder. Go into battle and take damage on purpose till 
you have 200HP or less. Then kill the virus or escape. Now, find a Mole2 Virus in 
WWW Area 3. (This can be done with Mole1, too, but it's harder.) Attack the virus 
till it has 200HP or less. Then use your ZeusHammer. The Mole2 is deleted and you 
take 200 damage. Your HP is reduced to zero but you still win the battle. Now you 
can walk around the net with zero HP. 

Note: Have a healing subchip or you'll get deleted when next battle starts. 
Invis effect in Thunderman battle. 
When fighting Thunderman, when one of the clouds is about to move on a pannel near 
you (when it's about half way on), move onto the same pannel. The game recognizes 
it as hit, but you don't take damage. If done right, you should have the Invis chip 
effect for about 1/4 of normal time. This is a useful trick for S ranking him. 
Multiplayer Chip duplication 
2 MMBN2 game paks.
Link cable
This glitch allows you to duplicate your lost chipdata in a netbattle against your 
oppenant, do not worry about it damaging your gamesave, I have done this hundreds 
of times and my gamesave has not suffered.

You and your friend (or just you on your own, still possible to do) must go into 
network and compete in a real netbattle against eachother, and one must win without 
flaw, when the battle is over, as soon as the chip datas name is shown, the LOSER 
must reset his game. (A+B+Start+Select), as a result, where the winners data is 
saved and the losers is not, the losers chip data is not lost and the winners is 
still saved resulting in a duplication of the chip.

WARNING: If the winner resets, instead of duplication you will simply DESTROY the 
chip, because the loser still loses and the winner doesn't save the fact it was won.

What are the benefits to this? Well in short, imagine how easy it'll be to duplicate 
and share your secret chips, Bass V3s, Lifeaur3s and other rare only get one of me 
chip data. You can even duplicate the final chip data, Sanctuary. Of course the better 
the busting level, the better the chip you'll duplicate. 

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