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Max Payne Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Max Payne - Platform: XBox
Cheat mode

Hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick, 
and quickly press Black(2), White, Black, White, Black, White at 
the main menu. Various cheat options will appear. Note: Most cheats 
must be unlocked during game play. 

Secret Room in Tutorial Mode 
In the last section of the Tutorial stage,there is a secret room.
Across from the Subway Entrance,you can hop up onto a few boxes and 
then onto a catwalk.Go up the catwalk and jump through the window on
the far left (you can easily see the room through it).Inside is a 
hidden room with four painkillers,an Ingram and some ammo for it.  

Fight the Rats 
In Part 1 Chapter 2, at the very beginning, throw a grenade (you must 
use the "All Weapons" cheat to have one) in the hole in the brick wall 
in front of you. Select Show Objectives, and a new objective will 
appear: a war against rats. Continue the level and pass the sewer, 
then go up the stairs. There you will find armed rats to battle. 

Cheat Mode 
Start a game. Press Back during the game to display the main menu. 
Then, hold L and R, click Left Analog-stick and click Right Analog-
stick, then quickly press White, Black, Black, White, White, and 
Black at the main menu. The cheat menu will appear, which contains 
"All Weapons" and "Refill" options. To access these cheats, press 
Back during gameplay and select the options you want at the cheat 
menu. Then, press Back to resume playing. Other cheat menu options 
must be unlocked during gameplay. 

Additional Difficulty Settings 
Complete the game on "Fugitive" difficulty to unlock the "Dead On 
Arrival" and the "New York Minute" settings. 

Bonus Bullet Time Level 
Complete the game on "New York Minute" difficulty to unlock a bonus 
level where you have to kill a lot of enemies, all in bullet time. 

Secret Ending 
Complete the game on "Dead on Arrival" difficulty, using no codes, 
and you will be transfered to the "Final Battle." There you must 
fight several enemies in permanent bullet time. If you can defeat 
them, a door will open, revealing a secret finale.

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