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Madden NFL 2004 Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Madden NFL 2004 - Platform: Gamecube

Get Cheerleader/Pump up the crowd card:
Go to mini camp and beat the game situation. 
You will get a cheerleader card equal to the 
team you beat the challenge with

More Tokens:
Use Football 101 and run through all the plays in 
your playbook to tack on alot of tokens which are 
used for madden cards

EA Bio:
Build up your EA Bio by playing other EA Sports games or 
completing specific challenges to unlock Madden Cards like these
Level 2: #204 Bingo! Cheat 
Level 4: #246 1990 Eagles Classic Team 
Level 6: #186 Steve Spurrier Coach 

Mini Camp Cards:
Get a gold on the different difficulty levels in all the 
mini camp challenges to unlock cards

Game Strategy Players Become Coaches:
Great players that retire in franchise mode can come 
back to be coaches. Wait a couple of years after your 
favorite star retires, and he will show up in the 
coaching free agent list to be signed as an assistant 
or head coach.

Get more fans in stadium:
On create a stadium make everything except for one or 
two luxury boxes and press boxes to get more money in 
owner mode.

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