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Lord of the Rings The Third Age Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Lord of the Rings - The Third Age - Platform: Playstation 2

In several missions, someone from the Fellowship of the Ring or somebody from the 
movies will join your party to help you defeat a certain boss or difficult enemy. 
These are the people that will occasionally become a fourth member of your party:

Eastern Moria - Gandalf, when fighting the Balrog of Morgoth.

East Emnet Gullies - Aranel, when fighting large groups of Uruk-hai.

Helm's Deep - Legolas, when fighting the first battle on the wall, and Gimli, 
when defending the wall after it has been breached.

Osgiliath - Faramir, when fighting the boss Gothmog.

Minas Tirith - Gandalf, when fighting the Witch-King of Angmar.

Pelennor Fields - Eowyn, when fighting the Witch-King of Angmar again, and Aragorn, 
when fighting three huge trolls and some the eight remaining Ringwraiths.

An easy way to do Minas Tirith Evil mode:
The hardest bit on this is where you use the witch king of agmar. Gandalfs attacks 
take off 24000 at a time. So first you use the fear mode on gandalf, then kill 
berethor,then the other two. Beacause you used fear with gandalf he wont attack you. 
Now kill him, doing that you will get weapons, armour and cloaks for your game save.

Ancient Elfstones:
This code is primarily for people who have already beat the game at least once. 
If you want to start out a new game, there is a very effective way to boost your 
hit points, armor values, action points, and protection. First, start a new game 
in Eregion, then when you are near the Elven outpost save your game. Next, complete 
the Evil Mode of Pelennor Fields. After you successfully finish this, save the items 
you have acquired onto the new game save. You will now have Ancient elfstones, which 
cause your values to go up about 200 points (example: if you have 500 HP and you equip 
an Ancient Elfstone of Health Enhancement, your HP will be about 700 or so.) This 
technique is very helpful, especially during the early portions of the two Moria chapters.

Beating the Balrog:
Beating this moster is very hard when you do not know how to beat him. He has about 
70,000 HP and when he attacks, the attack can occasionally take off your AP and 
massive amounts of HP. Gandalf and three other players of your selection are with you. 
To beat him, stalk up on Elf Medicines (brings back a downed player) and keep Gandalf 
alive at all costs, use your other players to use the Elf Medicines, Kingsfoils, and 
Lambas potions to return health and AP to other players. I would recomend using Gandalf 
and the Elf Girl to attack it, use other charactors to use potions. WAtch out for Balrog 
attacks like Pilar of Fire and Inferno Breath, they not only take life off you, but also AP.

Better healing:
If you use Elf Medicine, try and use it with Idrial. If this is done, it will give 
full health instead of half.

Building skills:
Get some of the best skills very early in the game, just practice. In the first level, 
find an enemy respawn point near a save point. Once there, keep attacking until you run 
out of AP and save the game. Your AP should have refilled, as well as your health. Keep 
doing this, and after a few hours you will get the special move from Berethor that can 
hit an enemy five times in a row. Note: This works for all characters, and not just Berethor.

Defeating the Witch King:
To defeat the Witch King at the Pelennor Fields, make sure that you have Hadhod's 
Second Age Dwarven Mithril Piercing Axe and the Dwarven Mithril Helm. When you face 
the Witch King, use these attacks: Berethor's Stunning Strike and Ectehlion Wrath, 
Hadhod's Mountain Rage, and Eaoden's Enraging Blow and Rohirrim Rage. The Witch King 
has 200,562 HP and 59,098 AP.

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