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Kororinpa Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Kororinpa - Platform: Wii

Bonus stages:
Earn 25 gold trophies to unlock five bonus stages. 
Note: The gold trophies are also available in Mirror mode.

Mirror mode:
Press 2 after you complete all the stages, including the secret ones.

Secret stages:
Collect all 45 green crystals to unlock fourteen secret stages. 
Each regular stage contains a hidden green crystal. A fifteenth secret 
stage is unlocked by successfully completing all five bonus stages.

Get the green crystals in each stage. Every four crystals you unlocks 
one secret stage. There are twelve secret stages.

20 balls:
Successfully complete the all 45 regular stages and 15 secret stages.

All music:
Successfully complete all stages.

Mirror mode:
Successfully complete all 45 regular stages.

Car Crush ball:
Successfully complete the first Mirror mode stage and collect the yellow gem.

Flash ball:
Successfully complete the last normal mode stage and collect the yellow gem.

Galaxy ball:
Successfully complete the first Night Zone stage and collect the yellow gem.

UFO ball:
Successfully complete the last Mirror mode stage and collect the yellow gem.
100% completion

Unlock all balls and music; successfully complete all bonus stages, secret stages, 
and the 45 regular stages in both standard and Mirror modes.

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