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Kirby Squeak Squad Platform Nintendo DS Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Kirby Squeak Squad - Platform: Nintendo DS

Unlock Boss and Cake:
By completing the game you can unlock Boss Endurance mode for Minigame 
and a Cake for your collection

Unlock Time Attack mode:
Collect all 120 chests throughout the game. To unlock Time Attack mode.

Birthday message:
Set the system date to the date entered for your birthday in the system 
settings. After the introduction sequence, a short "Happy Birthday!" 
message featuring various Kirby characters will appear.

Defeating Meta Knight:
To defeat Meta Knight in World 7, get the Sword Scroll. Have the Sword 
and Fire/Ice/Thunder in your inventory. Combine the Sword and one of them. 
This makes it so you have a Fire/Ice/Thunder Sword. The Fire burns grass 
and enemies, Ice freezes, and Thunder allows you to hit metal on the ground 
and send jolts of electricity traveling through the room.^

Defeating the end Boss in Level 3: 
You will need the U.F.O. ability and the Lollipop that makes you invincible. 
To get the U.F.O., go to level 3-4. Go through the level and when you get to 
the hill where metal people are falling from the sky, go to the opposite side 
of the mountain and get the "?" in a bubble. Touch it and it will pick a random
power-up. If it is the Lollipop then you are halfway done. Get on the Warp Star.
It will take you to a new place. When you get there, suck up one of the fire 
people if you do not already have it. Go to the very right of the level. To the
right of the door, burn the cloud away. Inside is the U.F.O. ability. It is 
recommended that you do the level again and get a spare. If you do not already
have the Lollipop for invincibility, you can mix power-ups until you get one or
get the "?" power-up for a random one. This may take some time. Once you get 
the Lollipop and the U.F.O., go to the Boss level. You will not need the fire 
or tornado power-up, but take them if desired and mix them. When you reach the 
Boss, stay in the middle of the screen and shoot power shots at him by holding B.
After he dies the first time he will destroy the cloud ground and make another 
with holes. He is more difficult now because he has an electric shield around him.
Use the Lollipop. Keep flying into him or staying directly on him and he will die 

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