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Killzone Liberation Platform Sony PSP Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Killzone - Liberation - Platform: Sony PSP

Unlockable abilities:
You can access the ability selection screen by pressing square on the 
weapon selection screen. Abilities are unlockable bonuses that let you 
do certain things, like carrying 3 grenades or having 50% more health. 
You can unlock these abilities by aquiring a certain amount of points. 
Points can be collected by completing challenges.

Result                                     Code
Unlock 50% More health                   - 300 Points
Unlock C4 Placement twice as fast        - 100 Points
Unlock Carry 3 Grenades                  - 020 Points
Unlock Carry 3 Smoke grenades            - 140 Points
Unlock Carry 3 Syringes                  - 060 Points
Unlock Carry 4 Pressure Mines            - 220 Points
Unlock Carry Unlimited ammunition        - 480 Points
Unlock Close Combat damage doubled       - 260 Points
Unlock Trip Mines disarmed twice as fast - 180 Points
Unlock Your Buddy has 50% more health    - 340 Points

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