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Karaoke Revolution Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Karaoke Revolution - Platform: XBox

Karaoke Revolution Hall Of Fame option:
Get 50 Diamond Records to unlock the "Karaoke Revolution Hall Of Fame" option at 
the "Extras" menu.

Characters and costumes:
Get the indicated number of Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Records or total points 
to unlock the corresponding character or costume:
  A-Line Skirt: 47 Platinum Records 
  Ballgown: 3 Platinum Records 
  Bathrobe: 10 Gold Records 
  Beanie Hats: 33 Platinum Records 
  Bobby Cap: 40 Diamond Records 
  Bucket Hat: 35 Platinum Records 
  Cat Suits: 4 Platinum Records 
  Cheerleader: 5 Platinum Dance Records 
  Crop Jacket: 2 Platinum Dance Records 
  Devil Girl Outfit: 11 Platinum Records 
  Diamond Bracelet: 10 Diamond Records 
  Enrique: 7 Platinum Records 
  Fez Hat: 1,500,000 total points 
  FR-3Q: 20 Gold Records 
  Funk Outfit: 18 Platinum Records 
  Giant Glasses: 5 Diamond Records 
  Go-Go Boots: 50 Gold Records 
  Goth Dress: 16 Platinum Records 
  Isis: Get 30 Gold Records 
  Joke Glasses: 23 Platinum Records 
  Junior: 10 Platinum Records 
  Long Denim Skirt: 6 Platinum Records 
  Miner's Cap: 30 Diamond Records 
  Open Shirt: 20 Platinum Records 
  Opera Girl Outfit: 13 Platinum Records 
  Pilot Goggles: 2,500,000 total points 
  Retro Cowgirl: 25 Platinum Records 
  Rockabilly Outfit: 10 Platinum Dance Records 
  Romeo Outfit: 15 Platinum Records 
  Silk Chinese Dress: 30 Platinum Records 
  Sock Armwear: 20 Diamond Records 
  Sombrero: 3,000,000 total points 
  Space Girl: 2 Diamond Records 
  Spiked Bracelets: 37 Platinum Records 
  Star Wristbands: 40 Platinum Records 
  Sun Visor: 3 Platinum Dance Records 
  Swim Trunks: 27 Platinum Records 
  Taylor: 12 Platinum Records 
  Tic Top: 22 Platinum Records 
  Tweed Cap: 2,000,000 total points 
  Velvet Supreme: 50 Platinum Records 
  Villain Moustache: 40 Gold Records 
  White Leather Wristbands: 43 Platinum Records 
  Woven Cap: 45 Platinum Records 

Bonus songs:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding song:
  Brickhouse: Get 2 Platinum Records 
  Greatest Love Of All: Get 5 Platinum Records 
  I'll Be: Get 9 Platinum Records 
  Me And Bobby McGee: Get 250,000 total points 
  Takin' Care Of Business: Get 750,000 total points 
  Waiting For A Girl Like You: Get 500,000 total points 

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