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Jade Cocoon 2 Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Jade Cocoon 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Easy money:
Enter Barren Earth, the fourth Earth Forest. When you get there inside, 
at quite few of the Ogre Vines there will be either a Cute Gem or a 
Lovely Gem which sell for good money.

Easy start:
To get an advantage when beginning a new game, choose to take a Fire 
monster and start in the Earth Forest. By the time you get other monsters, 
your attacks will be far higher than other wild monsters and you will have 
an easier ransition no matter what elemental forest you choose.

Boss Fights:
When you fight bosses you are fighting one really good guy instead of 3 
bad ones. Now when you fight Bosses that are mainly physical (attacks 
only or mostly), a simple attack can decimate them. You get a speedy 
earth type with good mana capacity and teach it barrid or barridis then 
have it cast the spell for the entire battle sheilding your guys and leaving 
them open for damage. Though DO NOT use this tactic against a boss like 
Gojet or another boss that cast sleep, poison, or paralysis moves. Hope 
it works for you if it doesn't that means you guys are either not strong 
enough, too low mana or don't have enough speed.

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