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Hulk Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Hulk - Platform: Playstation 2
Submitted by:

Choose "Options" fromthe main menu, then select "Code Input" and enter any of the 
following codes to unlock various features. The effects of the codes must be toggled 
on after entery by accessing the "Cheats" menu under "Special Features."

GMMSKIN- Unlock "Invulnerability" cheat

FLSHWND- Unlock "Regenerator" cheat

ANGMNGT- Unlock "Full Rage Meter" cheat

GRNCHTR- Unlock "Unlimited Continues" cheat

HLTHDSE- Unlock "Double Hulk's HP" cheat

BRNGITN- Unlock "Double All Enemies HP" cheat

MMMYHLP- Unlock "Half All Enemies HP" cheat

FSTOFRY- Unlock "Wicked punch" cheat

BRCESTN- Unlock "Puzzle Solved" cheat

NMBTHIH- Unlock "Reset High Score" cheat

TRUBLVR- Unlock "All levels" cheat

Additional Cheats:
The following codes can only be enterd at a "Universal  Code Input" terminal within 
the game; the fist one is located in the "Infiltration" stage.

JANITOR- Unlock "Gray Hulk" cheat 

SANFRAN- Unlock "Hulk Transformed" in Movie Art

PITBULL- Unlock "Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs" in Movie Art

FIFTEEN- Unlock "Desert Battle" in Movie Art

NANOMED- Unlock "Hulk Movie F/X" in Hulk Unleashed

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