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Heavy Weapon Atomic Tank Platform Xbox 360 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Heavy Weapon - Atomic Tank - Platform: Xbox 360

Press ENTER, enter one of the following codes, then press 
ENTER again to activate one of following functions:

Result                              Code 
Level skip                        - iamchucknorris
Kill selected unit                - chucknorrishim
Increase unit level               - lethimbechucknorris
Unlock all campaigns and missions - openforchucknorris
Invincibility                     - tobechucknorris
Unlimited resources               - gimmechucknorris 

Big Red Button (10):
Go Ballistic... Use your first Nuke! 

Cannon Happy (20):
Complete 11 missions without Nukes of reinforcements. 

Champion of Freedom (25):
Survive 12 minutes of the enemy's attack in any Survival game. 

Cockroad of Freedom (15):
Withstand 8 minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any Survival game. 

ComSat Uplink (10):
Play over Xbox Live with 3 other players for at least 1 minute. 

Freedom's Last Stand (25):
Defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode. 

Joint Command (10):
Stand together with another player to complete one mission. 

Massive Destruction (20):
Destroy 12 enemies with a single Nuke. 

Stockpile (15):
A mass 5,000,000 points. 

Supaweapon! (10):
Collect components to complete a Megalaser. 

Ultimate Tanker (25):
Dispel the enemies of liberty. Finish Mission mode. 

World Tour (15):
Take a tour of each Red Star country and trash the place! Complete the 
first 9 missions.

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