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Harvest Moon Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Harvest Moon - Platform: Gameboy Color

Skip the opening tutorial
When you start a new game and the opening tutorial appears, 
you can either turn off the Game Boy Color or just press 
A + B + Start + Select to reboot, then select "Continue".

Hint: Extra crops
Capitalize the first letter of your name to get eggplant and 
carrots as extra crops. Leave the first letter of your name in 
lower case to get broccoli and peanuts. Replace the first letter 
of your name with a symbol, such as the heart, to get all four 

Hint: Extra crops and seeds
Choose to be a girl character to receive extra crops and seeds.

Hint: Easy $1000
During the first day, go to the drawer in your house. Face the 
drawer, and press A (when you do not have a tool in hand). 
A message stating that Grandpa left some gold before he died. 
You will get 1000 G.

Hint: Protect your fences
Leave your dog out everyday and your fences will never be broken 
unless it rains or snows. 

Hint: Feed the sprites
If you feed the sprites everyday they will be nice to you. They 
will also give you a power berry during the earthquake. 

Hint: Super Sickle
One of the sprites will ask if the sickle is strong enough. 
Answer "Yes" and he will upgrade it the next day. 

Hint: Super Hoe
On another day a sprite will if the hoe is strong enough. 
Answer "Yes" and he will upgrade it the next day. 

Hint: Golden Axe
After the earthquake, go all the way up in the caverns and throw 
your axe in the water. The Harvest Goddess will have a Golden Axe 
and ask if it is yours. Answer "No" and she will give it to you. 

Hint: Golden Hen
Link up with a friend and trade chickens. Trade the same number 
chicken (i.e. chicken #1). You have a 1 in 64 chance of getting the Hen. 
Once you have it, you can sell the daily Golden Egg for 10,000 Gold.

Hint: Lose your hoe or sickle
When the harvest elf asks if your tool is good enough say "Yes". 
Then, hit all of the elves in the cave with a cavern with a hammer. 
The next day the elf will not give your tool back.

Hint: Extra money
You can get extra money by plowing the ground. When you find money 
remember that location plow it again the next day. This only works 
once a day. Put a fence on top of where you plowed, then take it off so 
you can plow again. 

Hint: Saving time
When something is bought, buy as much as you can afford so you do not 
have to buy the same item again when it runs out. Only ship crops during 
the day, and feed and water everything at night. 

Hint: Saving wood
You can save wood for your fences by using the small rocks, so do not 
break them or throw them in the ponds. They also can not be broken by 
the rain or dogs. 

Hint: Refill water can
Water a big mushroom (right above a big mushroom where a piece of wood 
is sticking out) to refill your water can. This is useful when you are 
not near a pond. Note: This trick only works if you have a watering can 
because the sprinkler does not need to be refilled. You can also refill 
your water supply by watering the rocks in the left room of the Harvest 
Sprites' home. 

Hint: Water plants quickly
Water your plants then go to the bed. Press A when the screen turns white 
then quickly power off the Game Boy Color. Turn the power back on, and you 
will notice that your plants are watered. Continue this as needed.

Hint: More milk
Use the following trick to keep your cow will be happy all year and 
instantly give large milk. Go to the church every day and pray ten times 
for a year or more. Note: this will only work if you only have one cow. 
When a cow is in this state it does not have to be groomed or walked.

Hint: Unlimited eggs
Obtain a watering can and water an egg that is near the shipping box. 
It will turn into a fence. Pick up the fence and it will change into an egg. 
However, the fence will remain allowing unlimited eggs to be obtained. 

Go to your chicken coop. Put all your eggs in the shipping bin. Stay in the 
chicken coop. Turn off the Game Boy, then turn it back on. You will be in 
your house. Return to the chicken coop. Eggs will be there and it will also 
be the same day. Repeat this as many times as needed to get money each time. 
Note: This does not work with the cow's milk.

Hint: Instant eggs
Go to feed your chickens, get fodder, then put the fodder in the first and 
third spot where the food goes, from the fodder. Go to sleep and the next 
day you will have eggs.

Hint: Recover energy
Keep getting in and out of the hot springs very fast. Your energy level 
will go up 20% each time this is done.

Hint: Overtilled soil
Use the following trick to get that middle crop square. Before you plant 
seeds in that square tilled soil just throw a rock in it, so you can get 
to all of the seeds/plants. Note: If you have the umbrella it would be 
easier to use it instead.

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