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HalfLife 2 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Half-Life 2 - Platform: XBox

Getting past turrets and other dangerous enemies:
When you need to run a long way and you have some objects with you 
(for example, a non-explosive barrel), if you have the gravity gun, 
use it as cover and run (while facing the enemy) to the other side. 
Then if possible, shoot the barrel at the enemy. Note: Make sure there 
are no more that one enemy while doing this. Also, make sure that the 
object is indestructible, and most importantly, look at the enemy and 
see if you can kill it with one shot.

Spawn medpak:
While playing a game, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, 
B, A to spawn a medpak that will restore 25 points of health.

Punting objects:
Pick up an item without using the Gravity Gun. Drop it until it leaves the 
bottom part of the screen, then pick it back up and throw it as fast as 
possible. If done correctly, it will appear as if you are kicking the object. 
This is especially fun to do with the toy doll at the beginning of the game. 
Note: This works best with lighter objects.

Clone Alyx:
When you are fighting alongside Alyx later in the game, at one point you will 
encounter a door where she tells you to go on without her, while she heads up 
to the communications room to unlock doors for you. Push her into the corner 
left of the door, then run in and watch it close behind you. As the next area 
is loading, she will appear next to you. This clone does not talk, and is not 
always there; however, later when both of you fight a group of soldiers, 
there are two of them.

Flip jeep:
When you get the jeep, use turbo towards a wall, then press Y to get out 
before you hit the wall. If done correctly, when the jeep flips you will 
also flip. Note: You may also get hurt.

Get on top of stairwell in Anticitizen One:
After Dog attacks the dropship and it drives off, go to the bent down fence 
and jump over it. Walk down a few steps and on your right will be an open door. 
Go in it and to your left you will see a stairwell blocked by a couch and 
debris that cannot be moved. Crouch jump over the couch and go up the stairwell. 
Bring a box with you so that you can put it on the ground in front of you, then 
jump on top of it and make longer jumps.

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