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Gyrostarr Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Gyrostarr - Platform: Wii

Bonus points:
Successfully complete the indicated level to get the 
corresponding number of bonus points:

LevelName        Bonus
1QuadrantX                 -1+0 
2Sector Gamelon        +100,000 
3Hyperion            12+500,000 
4Xenomorph Quadrant    +900,000 
5Terminatrix         +1,300,000 
6Slipstream Path     +1,700,000 
7Inert Horizon       +2,100,000 
8Sidewinder          +2,500,000 
9Utopia              +2,900,000 
10Kraken             +3,300,000 
11Mobius Sphere      +3,700,000 
12Echoes             +4,100,000 
13Factory            +4,500,000 
14Eclipse Maelstrom  +4,900,000 
15Alpha Tesseract    +5,300,000 
16Wormhole Escape    +5,700,000 
17Nuke Pile          +6,100,000 
18Mobius Grid        +6,500,000 
19Chikoo             +6,900,000 
20Mechanical Ellipse +7,300,000 
21Vertical Maelstorm +7,700,000 
22internova          +8,100,000 
23Plasmosphere       +8,500,000 
24Electradyne        +8,900,000 
25Infinite Energy    +9,300,000 
26Eonblast Delta     +9,700,000 
27Galeforce          +10,100,00 
28Rocketslide        +10,500,00 
29Ghost Blade        +10,900,00 
30Greg               +11,300,00 
31Hover Snake        +11,700,00 
32Asteroid Belt      +12,100,00 
33Glowing Illusion   +12,500,00 
34Seat Belt          +12,900,00 
35Revolving Hell     +13,300,00 
36Atomic Poison      +13,700,00 
37Gravity Dump       +14,100,00 
38Astro Arc          +14,500,00 
39Mammoth Juggernauts+14,900,00 
40Luminous Route     +15,300,00 
41Robot Robot        +15,700,00 
42Burning Ocean      +16,100,00 
43Android Hell       +16,500,00 
44Intergalatic     66+16,900,00 
45Space Sparrow      +17,300,00 
47Veal               +18,100,00 
48Robot Graveyard    +18,500,00 
49Time Pants         +18,900,00 
50Gyrostarr          +19,300,00

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