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Gunvalkyrie Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Gunvalkyrie - Platform: XBox

Challenge mode:
Successfully complete the game to choose any level for game play.

View developers:
Play the Civilian Base 1 level. Notice the room that cannot be accessed, but is 
visible on the map when you examine the second large room. This room is on the 
northern side. Aim manually and destroy all of the lights in the mission. When 
this has been completed, return to the northernmost big room on the map. You can 
now pass through the wall when Meteor Crashing. There is a picture of 
development team in that room.

Upgraded suits for Kelly:
Reach level 8 to get an upgraded suit for Kelly. Collect all of the Halley's 
Core Pieces from each level. After collecting the last one, she will evolve into 

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