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Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 Platform DVD Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo 

Secret: Hidden poster
After Mirror Man distracts the policeman, check out the 
poster behind him as he leaves. You will see a big "GONE" 
and if you look closely you will see "in sixty seconds". 

Mistake: Fixed side mirror
When Nicholas Cage finally steals the car he fears, it 
takes him awhile to do any damage to it. Eventually, he 
will knock off the passenger door mirror. At that point, 
the car will stall. After begging and pleading with it, 
the car starts. As Cage pulls away with a police car in 
pursuit, you will see a behind and slightly above the 
two cars view. Miraculously the passenger side mirror 
is back in its original place, firmly secured to the car.

Mistake: Visible wire
During the big chase scene, an Asian police officer 
will come flying out of an alley and get broadsided 
by a streetcar. Look closely at the undercarriage of 
the police car and the road to see a steel wire. The wire 
is secured to the front of the police car's axle, runs 
along the entire undercarriage of the car, and across the 
street into the alley from which the car emerged from. 
You can see it best when you are looking at the driver's 
side of the police car, just when the streetcar rams into 
its passenger side. The wire along the ground will flail 
around on the street because of the slack caused by the 
impact. Also, after the streetcar hits the police car and 
crushes it against another car, a fire will ignite which 
clearly shows the steel cable under the police car. 

Mistake: Unburned toast
When Nicholas Cage is in his brother's kitchen, and his 
brother is cooking him breakfast, you can see a shot of 
the toaster smoking. When he pops the toast up, you can 
see that it is visibly black. When he goes to put the 
toast on Cage's plate, you can see both sides of the toast, 
and it appears that the toast is cooked quite nicely, and 
not burnt at all. 

Mistake: Switched seats
Go to the sequence when Randolph and Kip are driving 
down the street and are being shot at. Immediately before 
they are shot at, they are talking and sitting in a vehicle 
with cloth captain chairs. When they are cut off, they are 
driving a junk car with vinyl seats. 

Mistake: Jaguar XJ220 timing
During a shot of them loading cars, you will see a 
Jaguar XJ220 pull in, yet it is quite a later point 
in the movie that Sway pulls up in the car and says, 
"I love that car." Also, the car is crossed off much 
earlier than it is stolen. 

Mistake: Car list
During the movie the "pizza boy" steals a Cadillac 
loaded with drugs. Nicholas Cage argues with him because 
he stole a car that was not on the list. This all occurs 
before the big boost night. Pause the movie when they 
are showing the list on boost night. You will see that 
the Cadillac El Dorado is on the list after all.

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