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Golden Sun 2 Platform Gameboy Advance Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Golden Sun 2 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Darkside Sword: 
The Darkside Sword can be obtained by taking a Dark Matter 
to the blacksmith. It is rare to get from him, and is cursed. 

Sol Blade:
The Sol Blade can be found at the Mars Lighthouse. It 
unleashes often and is the most powerful weapon in the 
game. Only Isaac or Felix can use this sword. 

Revisit Towns:
Once you get the Teleport Psyenergy, you can use it on 
the world map to go to any town previously visited. 

All Djinn:
The only way to get all 28 Djinn from the original 
Golden Sun is to use a password or to transfer your 
file from that game to Golden Sun 2. All 72 Djinn from 
Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 are used to open a sanctuary 
in the town near the Jupiter Lighthouse, where you can 
find a Boss called Dullahan who guards the ultimate summon 
in the game.

Field Psynergy:
Ive noticed a few people are having trouble finding these 
or figuring out what they're for(hell, I missed a bunch of 
them my first time around), so I decided to post a list.

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