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Genma Onimusha Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Genma Onimusha - Platform: XBox

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Get Bishamon Sword:
Complete your fight in the whole 20 levels of Dark Realm. Kill all  
monsters in this 20 levels, then open the chest to get Bishamon Ocarina.  
And then in the area right behind Marcellus boss fight, use Bishamon  
Ocarina to unlock the door. Get inside and you'll find Bishamon Sword with  
limited magic. This sword can kill non-boss character just in seconds.

Unlock Difficult Mode:
Complete the game in 3 hours or faster.

Second Costume:
To unlock Kaede's second costume, a demon costume, collect all 30 Flourite.

Unlock Oni Spirits Mini Game:
To unlock Oni Spirits mini game, collect 20-29 piece of Flourite. The  
mini-game will be available in the start menu.

Unlock Samonosuke's Second Costume:
To unlock Samonosuke's secondary costume, complete the game in difficult  

What's Your Grade?:
You can score your own progression according to the points. Perfect score  
is 30, so you can count the score in 3 categories.
Needed time to complete the game and the points:
3 hours or faster= 10 points
3-4 hours= 7 points
4-5 hours= 5 points
5 hours or more=3 points
Amount of Demons killed
0-399= 3 points
400-499= 5 points
500-599= 7 points
600 or more= 10 points
Amount of soul that collected by Gauntlet
0-34,999= 3 points
35,000-44,999= 5 points
45,000-54,999= 7 points
55,000 or more= 10 points
Total points and grades:
0-9= D
10-17= C
18-24= B
25-29= A
30= S

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