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Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows - Platform: XBox

Infinite lives:
In Two Player mode on the Normal or higher difficulty setting when you are down 
to no lives or are dead, press Start and choose to leave the game. Then, press X 
to load your character and you will be back at full lives. Note: You will lose 
anything obtained since your last save, such as money, upgrades, etc.

Easy experience with the Wizard:
To easily level up with the Wizard, go to the Imperial Palace level. Towards the 
end is a room with an unlimited amount of red beasts, and you must find the 
Magic Key in it. These beasts are easy to kill. Go in to the center of the room 
and repeatedly use the Path Of Sky attack (press A). The beasts will keep 
appearing, and you will continue to gain experience. Note: This works best with 
a controller with an auto-fire feature.

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