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FZero X Platform Nintendo64 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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F-Zero X - Platform: Nintendo64

All Cars, Tracks and Difficulties
At the Mode Select screen, press L, Z, R,C-UP, C-DOWN, C-LEFT, 
C-RIGHT, START. You should hear a chime if you did it correcly. 

Change Car Colors
To change your car's colors, simply press the R-Button during 
the car customization screen. Note that there are only a few select 
colors for each vehicle. 

End Credits and Final Six cars
Beat the Jack, Queen, King and Joker Cup on Novice, Standard and 
Expert difficulty to see the game's end credits. After resetting 
the machine, the title screen and intro music will change and the 
final row of six cars will be selectable. 

Joker Cup
To get the Joker Cup and six additional tracks beat the Jack, 
Queen, and King Cup on Standard difficulty. 

Master Difficulty Level
If you beat the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker cup you'll get extremely 
hard Master Difficulty. 

Mute City II Shortcut
Right after you make the third hard turn, you will see a ramp to the 
left that looks like it will lead you off track. If you hit it with a 
booster, you will fly over the gap and onto the next strip of tracks. 

Rotate Cars on Customization Screen
Want to see your car from different angles? At the customization screen 
press the C-Buttons to rotate the car in all directions. 

Sector B Shortcut
Towards the end of Sector B on the hill right before the end use a boost 
or two and when the wall disappears turn to the left and fly straight 
onto the finish line. 

Smaller Cars
At the car select screen press and hold the (L) and (R) buttons. While 
holding those buttons press C-LEFT and C-DOWN to shrink the cars. 

Title Screen Changes
To have the title screen change to a comic book motif, beat F-Zero X on 
Expert. For a second change, beat the game on Master difficulty. 

X-Cup (Track Generator)
Beat all four cups on Expert difficulty to open F-Zero's hidden X-Cup. 
This cup will randomly generate six courses, ranging from utterly boring 
to plain cool. Beating the four cups will also open a Master Difficulty 

Spin Attack
To use the spin attack just hold the Z botton and tap R twice or just do 
the reverse.(This method is very useful in "Death Match" if you time it 
just right). 

Rainbow Road Shortcut
At the top of the first big drop, drive off the side of the track and tilt 
backward. Starting from 30th, this will put you anywhere from 20th to 1st, 
depending on how well you pull it off. 

Ghost Times
If you beat a certain time in the Time Attact Mode, you will unlock a ghost 
which is hard to beat (harder than the Master Mode.) Here are the times: 

Mute City


Sand Ocean

Devil's Forest

Big Blue

Port Town

Sector A

Red Canyon

Devil's Forest 2

Mute City 2

Big Blue 2

White Land

Fire Field

Silence 2

Sector B

Red Canyon 2

White Land 2

Mute City 3

Rainbow Road

Devil's Forest 3

Space Plant

Sand Ocean

Port Town 2

Big Hand

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