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From Russia With Love Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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From Russia With Love - Platform: Gamecube

Easy ammo:
When searching a file folder or something else and you find ammunition, 
keep searching it over again to fill up your gun. You can return to the 
file folder at anytime and do it again.

Easy kills:
Sometimes when using Bond Focus, you will see two targets, one for his or 
her heart or grenade (lower target). If you shoot the lower target, the 
grenade will fall off and explode in front of the enemy.

Easy skill points:
When using Bond Focus, shoot either target to get skill points.

Formal Dinner suit:
In the second level, complete the maze and you will be in Moneypennys office. 
Before you go to M's room, search the drawer to find the Formal Dinner suit.
Defeating red guard:
Use the Bond Moment to shoot the straps of the armor, then finish him off.

Easy attachi case points:
When you get an attachi case and you must put in a code using the controller 
buttons, you can press the button twice if you have two of the same symbols.

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