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Formula 1 97 Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Formula 1 97 - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Jeanette Hill

Type in as the drivers name: 

SWINGING SIXTIES to get a 60's course with old cars 
VIRTUALLY VIRTUAL to get strange gfx 
LITTLE WEELZ .... says it all 
PI MAN to play in WIPEOUT mode 
ZOOM LENSE ....says it all 
CATS DOGS ....?????? 
BOX CHATTER to see the person who does the commentray 
SWAP SHOP ....??????? 
BILLY BONUS to get 3 new tracks 
TOO EASY makes game easy 

Thanks to Ice Cube 

Reach championship round 16:

Four bonus tracks:
Enter BILLY BONUS as a name. All extra tracks, including the black 
and white 1960's mode
track, will be accessible. 

Easy mode for all tracks (inlcuding bonus):
Enter TOO EASY as a name. 

VR style graphics:
Enter VIRTUALLY VIRTUAL as a name. 

1960's cars:
Enter SWINGIND SIXTIES as a name and start an arcade mode game. 

New sound effects and background music:
Enter SWAP SHOP as a name. 

Large tires:
Enter LITTLE WEELZ as a name. 

WipeOut 2097/XL mode:
Enter PI MAN as a name. 

Helicopter camera:
Enter ZOOM LENSE as a name. 

Murray and Martin nonsense announcers:
Enter BOX CHATTER as a name. 

Frog rain:
Enter CATS DOGS as a name.

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