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Fire Blade Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Fire Blade - Platform: XBox

Sniper Rifle Range mini-game:
Successfully complete Campaign 1 to unlock the Sniper Rifle Range mini-game.

EMP Cannon Range mini-game:
Successfully complete Campaign 2 to unlock the EMP Cannon Range mini-game.

Cow Bouncing mini-game:
Successfully complete Campaign 3 to unlock the Cow Bouncing mini-game.

Assassination mini-game:
Successfully complete Campaign 4 to unlock the Assassination mini-game.

Long distance shot:
Use the sniper scope to zoom in on distant enemies, then shoot them with the 
unguided rockets or cannon even without a lock.

Saving missiles:
Shoot fuel barrels and other explosive objects that are next to targets with 
your cannon to get extra damage without using missiles. Save your guided 
missiles for other helicopters.

Surprise kill:
Stay below a hilltop, hiding from enemies, rise up, fire a few rounds, then dip 
back down to avoid return fire.

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