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Fifa Street Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Fifa Street - Platform: XBox

All apparel and footwear:
Hold down the L and Y button and press Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up, Down 
and Left at the main menu.

Pause game play, then hold L + Y and press Up, Left, Down(2), Right, Down, Up, Left.

Normal size players:
Pause game play, then hold L + Y and press Right(2), Up, Down(2), Left, Right, Left.

Any Player Select:
Go to Rule the Street from the main menu.Go to HQ (your headquarters) and press 
Y,X,X,B,A,Right, Down, Right, then the R trigger. A keyboard will apper on the screen. 
Type in the name (first, last, or both)of the player you want and he will appear. 
Then swap him with the player of your choice.

Easy goals:
When you are at the bottom left or right of the pitch, cross to a nearby player and 
head it. You will score about 95% of the time and about 60% of the time you will do a 
classy goal.

Long shot goal:
Choose Worns and play with him. Shoot by pressing B and the direction where you want 
the ball to go. Before he takes the shot, hold L. He should score from there.

Restart Rule The Street Matches:
If you have your game on autosave, you can turn off your console if you lose and you 
will be taken back to the match you lost without playing again!

Unlimited Gamebreakers:
Go to Rule the Street from the main menu. Go to HQ (your headquarters) and press 
Y, X, A, X, B, Up, Left, Right, then the L trigger. It will say unlmited gamebreakers 
across the screen if you did it correctly.

Unlock Arenas:
To unlock all Arenas just win all tournaments in the specfic country the Arena is in.

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