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FIFA 09 Platform Sony PSP Cheats, Tips & Codes

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FIFA 09 - Platform: Sony PSP

Getting good players cheaply:
If you do not have the funds to buy quality players, take a look at
the available free agents in the transfer market. You may find a 
really good player who is less expensive.

Improvement players:
Submitted by: prezer efc

in the brazil league there is some good young players to improve for manager 
mode and also for bayern munich there is a player called kroos who is also good 
for improving GOOD LUCK!

How to get the players without paying:
Submitted by: SUnny

First at the main menu go to my fifa 09 then press transfers and transfer your players 
for free to the team you like but do this thing before you start any new career or the 
players wont be there. if any more questions please email me.

Best formation:
Submitted by: Shreekant

This is the best team for 3-4-3 formaion.


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