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Field Commander Platform Sony PSP Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Field Commander - Platform: Sony PSP

Rarely do game tutorials help you as much as the ones in Field Commander. They are 
essential to complete the game as well as providing fundamental knowledge and 
understanding of the game's workings. However, be forewarned, as the final 
tutorial (Air Force Training) is extremely difficult. There is no set way to 
complete it, short of outsmarting the CPU. The best advice is to keep all of 
your Anti-Aircraft Cannons alive above all other vehicles and units.

Air Tutorial:
To complete the Air Tutorial, try to keep all AA guns alive. Use helicopters 
against the general's air. Then, use AA if air cannot reach the generals. 
Use AA to also kill infantry quickly.

New strategy:
Save the game during game play then open up the menu and select "Surrender". 
The general will tell you a new strategy. Then, just load or restart your game.

Revealing enemy units in stealth mode:
Take a truck or scout near a tank or rocket launcher. Move it around the 
screen until you find the unit. 
Then. take it out with the tank or rocket launcher.

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