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F22 Interceptor Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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F-22 Interceptor - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

CODE KEY IN . . . EFFECT . . .
2 AHAA-AAEE Start with 2 lives
3 AMAA-AAEE Start with 3 lives
4 AXAA-AAEE Start with 5 lives
5 A1AA-AAEE Start with 6 lives
6 A9AA-AAEE Start with 8 lives
7 BMAA-AAEE Start with 11 lives


8 WCPA-GCA8 Start with 400 ammo
9 8WPA-GCA8 Start with 500 ammo
10 MCPA-GEA8 Start with 600 ammo
11 1WPA-GEA8 Start with 700 ammo
12 ECPA-GGA8 Start with 800 ammo
13 TWPA-GGA8 Start with 900 ammo
14 7CPA-GGA8 Start with 1000 ammo
15 FC1A-GAAG Start with 40 chaff
16 GL1A-GAAG Start with 50 chaff
17 HW1A-GAAG Start with 60 chaff
18 J41A-GAAG Start with 70 chaff
19 LC1A-GAAG Start with 80 chaff
20 ML1A-GAAG Start with 90 chaff
21 NW1A-GAAG Start with 100 chaff
22 1B7T-BLYW Fuel burns 2x faster than normal
23 1B7T-BRYW Fuel burns 4x faster than normal
24 1B7T-BGZA Afterburner fuel consumption 2x normal
25 1B7T-BLZA Afterburner fuel consumption 3x normal
26 1B7T-BWZA Afterburner fuel consumption 5x normal
27 1B7T-B0ZA Afterburner fuel consumption 6x normal

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