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Eternal Ring Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Eternal Ring - Platform: Playstation 2

Master code
Press Circle, X, Triangle, Square(2), Circle, Triangle at the title screen.

Pause game play
Press Select to pause game play.

Easy experience
Some locations will respawn monsters. Move back over areas already traveled
encounter them again.

Get your short sword back
At the start of the game, go back outside the cave and kill the crab-like
things. Then, collect the gems they leave. Collect 8 on the way to the military 
camp. After the man takes your sword for safe keeping, talk to Wallace and he w
ill give you a knife. Talk to him again and he will sell you a sword for 8 gems. 
Do so, as you can regain the gems easily. This is very helpful when in the water 
temple. Go to the warehouse after the houses in the research camp are done burning.
Your sword will be lying on the floor in the back.

Reach the cave
When you start off in the tunnel, turn around go outside. Go to the right
side of the beach. Get close to shore, then walk in the cave on the other side.

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