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Enter the Matrix Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Enter the Matrix - Platform: XBox

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the 
command allowing "cheats". Enter one of the following 
codes to active the corresponding effect.

7F4DF451  Infinite Health 
1DDF2556  Infinite Ammo 
69E5D9E4  Infinite Focus 
FFF0020A  Fast Focus Restore 
0034AFFF  Max Firepower 
FF00001A  Turbo Mode 
FFFFFFF1  Invisibility 
4516DF45  Enemies Cant Hear You 
13D2C77F  Bonus Test Level 
D5C55D1E  Multi-player fighting 
BB013FFF  Low Gravity 
312MF451  Taxi Driving 
7867F443  Faster logos

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